Tournament Contest FAQ

Posted by Forkmann 
Tournament Contest FAQ
March 09, 2009 09:11PM
Why don't you just use ?
Because this way I can control everything. Also, none let me customize the scoring and bonus points the way I want. Most do not have "scenario" feature. None have a full featured forum included. And I guess I just think this is better!

I just created a new profile but can not log in.
A valid email address is required. You must click on the link in your verification email to activate your account. The email will have the subject "To begin using, please activate your account". If you did not receive verification email, please ensure it is not in your spam or junk email folder. Otherwise let me know or try to register again.

How do I best print my bracket ?
Click on your name on Standings page to view bracket. Click "Printable" to get a printer friendly format. In your browser choose "Page Setup" and set for "Landscape". In most modern browsers, there will be "shrink to fit" option so it fits on one page.

What web browsers are supported ?
Any browser not 10 years old should work fine, but Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox/Mozilla 2+, Chrome, Opera 9+, Safari 4+, and mobile Safari for iOS 3.0+ are supported. Javascript must be enabled and pop-ups allowed for

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