Texas vs Maryland

Posted by briang 
Texas vs Maryland
August 28, 2017 10:08PM
OK, don't know if anybody has been checking in on here, but sorry for the late start. With the 11am game, options are pretty limited so not much planning needed. Nothing has changed from last year...same spot, same deal.

Of course we have Victoria and Houston crews that are a part of the group. Thoughts and prayers to those dealing with shit this week and if you're able to make it to Austin this weekend, we'll be ready to drink a beer with you and take your mind off for a couple of hours!

Same tables and canopies as last year although I may need to meet up with Allan this week to get his, since he will miss the first game. The supply boxes have been re-stocked, generator got an oil change and is purring nicely, and satellite box has been activated. To quote coach, now we need full alignment from the rest of you. smileys with beer

For the first game, we're going with griddle cooking (Josh and Mike and me bringing one). Breakfast in the morning and can also cook some fajita or other smaller cuts of meats on there as well. We can discuss game 2 plans on Saturday.

So, some suggestions on what to bring...

- eggs
- bacon/sausage
- hashbrowns
- tortillas
- shredded cheese
- salsa, pico
- fajita meat
- chips
- dips, chips, snacks, etc
- desserts

This should get things rolling...Hook 'Em!

Re: Texas vs Maryland
August 29, 2017 09:02AM
Koots and Lauren will be there around 8am. I'll bring chips and a dip or I'll just communicate with you later in the week and see where the shortfall is and we can bring that.

Hook Em!
Re: Texas vs Maryland
August 29, 2017 09:12AM
Yo, Francisco here.

I'll be making Costco run on Friday. I'll pick up bacon and tortillas.

I'll buy some Pace or some factory made salsa as backup just in case nobody brings some homemade stuff.

See ya Saturday morning....can't wait for that breakfast beer.


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Re: Texas vs Maryland
August 29, 2017 08:05PM
Not real sure if I'm going to able to make it. It might be a last minute decision. I'll keep in touch. Hook'em Horns!!

Re: Texas vs Maryland
August 31, 2017 09:14PM
OK, here's a summary. Most things are covered:

- 3 doz eggs - Brian, Chris
- bacon - Francisco
- sausage - Brian
- hashbrowns - Chris
- tortillas - Francisco
- shredded cheese - Chris
- salsa - Francisco
- beef fajita meat - Charles
- booze and muffins - John
- bean dip - Brian
- chip and dip - Keith

For those looking to bring something
- more tortillas?
- pico
- chips
- dips, chips, snacks, etc
- desserts
- other shit

I plan to be there by 7am since I want to make sure we get the two parking spots and I usually wake up early like kid on Christmas anyway for the first game.

Re: Texas vs Maryland
September 01, 2017 09:05AM
I'll bring another bag of hashbrowns, some peppers/onions, pico, and a package of chicken fajitas.

Noska said the Queso Queen will be aligned as well.
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